February 2017 My Crystal Bliss crystal subscription box

Ooooh this month was fun to pull together. Well, okay, fine, every month is fun. February’s crystal box is all about clarity and passion. Gaining life force and centeredness. Seems many people need centeredness these days!

What was included in the February crystal box?

SUCH beautiful Carnelian from Madagascar. These are beautifully rich orange disks are perfect for holding in your palm for meditation or healing. Carnelian helps strengthen the body to sustain more life force. Releases sorrow, fear, apathy, anger. Promotes courage, motivation, optimism and direction. Aids in decision making. Is grounding and focusing.

All natural citrine is rare! (Most “citrine” is heat-treated. See https://youtu.be/nA2Q_I3Id7U for details.) This is beautiful quality citrine from Africa. Citrine is abundance! It’s a reminder to us that abundance is always within and that we can tap into it at any time. It’s not only financial abundance but abundance in ALL ways in life. Citrine is a solar plexus stone, helping brighten your self esteem, energetically lift you when feeling sluggish or tired, and can help us come back to a core of who we are.

Selenite sphere
One can never have too much selenite (in my belief, that is!). It’s a beautiful stone from Morocco. Selenite is SUCH an important healing stone and is highly underrated, as it helps organize light coming in to body and makes it easier for cells to align it during transformations. Is very cleansing and clearing for emotions, spaces, self. It is a self-clearing stone (never needs clearing, and do NOT put it in water, EVER! It does, however, like recharging in the sunlight or moonlight every so often.) that can be used to clear other stones as well.

Crystalline Light Energetic Mist
Intuitively chosen for each box, you’re receiving either Love, SpaceClear, Bloom, Catalyst, or Abundance. They are created with deep intent and their main foundation is an intuitively selected base of flower & gem essences, which are energetic “solutions” (in the tradition of Bach Remedies). Energetic Mists DO also contain high grade organic essential oils and/or hydrosols chosen for their scent and energy. Mist your face to refresh your spirit! Mist your aura or body to balance your energy! Mist your environment to purify!

Sacred Geometry Temporary Tattoos from Dipped in Moonlight Studios
You’ll receive a variety of sacred geometry designs -Flower of Life -Seed of life -Phi -Infinity -Metatron’s Cube Directions: Peel off glossy adhesive film that is on top of image. Place the tattoo onto your skin. Next, wet a towel and dab the tattoo well for 15-20 seconds. Make sure the entire surface of the paper is covered with water for the image to transfer properly. Once the paper has been properly moistened, remove the backing paper slowly. That’s it! Enjoy!

Each box always contains other goodies not listed here, including digital gifts such as meditations, playlists, printables, crystal guides, etc. Once in a while we also include free or discounted intuitive readings from highly trusted sources. It’s a one of a kind subscription box!

Interested in subscribing to your OWN BOX? Visit this page to see the options! We’d love to have you join our tribe.

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