ABOUT My Crystal Bliss

My Crystal Bliss is a quarterly crystal and gemstone based subscription box that also includes spiritual wellness gifts that are curated with a clear intent of bringing you moments of self care and spiritual insight.

Everything is selected with care with preference for artisan, small batch created gifts, and most pieces included each quarter are exclusive to the subscription box that are not available for purchase from our parent website, CrystallineLight.com.

my crystal bliss subscription box
my crystal bliss monthly subscription box


Our company is family run!


Jennifer S



Thomas W

Packing + Warehouse Guru


The idea for a subscription box came in 2010 in a dream, while in the midst of a challenging time of being the primary caregiver for my mom who was getting cancer treatments. I had closed my healing office/retail center to focus on my mom, and as she started to regain her health, I was considering how to do my business in a new way. When the dream happened, I didn't think it was possible, so I ignored it.

In late 2014, within the span of a week, through a random email from a customer and conversations with highly intuitive friends, I had 3 separate and powerful experiences bringing the idea back to life. While it took a little bit of time to get going, we started our monthly subscription service in June of 2016.

~ Jennifer, Founder

As we've grown, the love of Jennifer's life, Thomas, has become an integral part of the company as our primary packing guru and helps with the heavy lifting. A portion of our branding images include Thomas' daughter, as well, so we are truly a family run company. (Plus son cheers us from the sidelines.)

Our intention is to always provide high value and energy to crystal collectors, those who may be new to the crystal realm, and everyone looking for a bit of magic bliss in their mailbox each month.

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