Press + Reviews

Enter the Contest!
We want to see your UnBoxing video’s! Create a video, upload it to YouTube using My Crystal Bliss Box in the title and #mycrystalbliss in the description. Email us the link or share it on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag #mycrystalbliss. (If we don't see it, you don't get entered.)

Every video will be entered into a drawing for a FREE box that will include a special additional crystal just for YOU. Drawings are held once every 2 months.

Reviewers + Ambassadors
Are you an influencer? Have a blog or popular Instagram account?

My Crystal Bliss is welcoming ambassadors who have a like-hearted business who are willing to do blog reviews, Instagram posts, and other collaborations, in exchange for a box and promotions. We do require that you have a dedicated following and engagements, are a business or influencer, and are complementary to our business. Personal accounts, unless you are an influencer with a large following, will not be considered. Contact us for details, and include your blog/website, Instagram, and Facebook account links. We'll be in touch!

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